If you're DONE feeling lost, unfulfilled and

living on autopilot, it's time for you to...

Create your unique roadmap to the life you want to live and the person you want to become so you can experience the deeper purpose, meaning and fulfillment you desire

Joe & Cathy
Transformation Mindset Coaches

Let us guess... you've been going through the motions in life 😥

👉 Rushing from one responsibility to another with a never ending to-do list

👉 Stressed and exhausted from a demanding job that your heart is no longer in

👉 Daydreaming about a different life but constantly procrastinating about changing it

👉 Living the same week on repeat and wondering how you ended up here

👉 No work life balance. Heck you don't even know what the word balance means anymore

If you're honest with yourself, you've been lost, stuck and unfulfilled for a while.

Your soul is tired of living on autopilot

😕 Waking up feeling 'blah' about your day (week and month) ahead

😕 Knowing you're settling for less than you're capable of and not exploring your potential

😕 Questioning your career and life choices, afraid your dream life will only ever be a dream

😕 Getting through the day on coffee, comfort food and a bit more booze than you like to admit

😕 Fed up of seeing other people online living amazing lives, wondering when it will be your turn

You know there is MORE for you in life but you can't

quite put your finger on what that 'more' is 🤔

Be honest... how many times a day do you just think

about chucking it all in and hopping on a plane to Bali?! 😉✈️

And on top of that you feel guilty because you have a 'nice' life. You've ticked all the traditional boxes of success (good grades, career, home, family).

In fact the life you've created is the one you THOUGHT you wanted (the one society says you SHOULD be happy with) but you're unfulfilled and something is missing...

✨ A deeper sense of purpose because you're having a positive impact on people's lives
✨ Clarity on where you're heading and excitement that you're making moves towards your dreams
✨ True fulfillment because you're doing what you love every single day
✨ Feeling confident in who you are and having the freedom to live by your own rules

Trusting yourself to forge your own path in life and inspiring others in the process

BIG LIFE ROADMAP will empower you to imagine, design and achieve your ideal life - your BIG LIFE.

Living a Big Life is about discovering what YOU truly want for all areas of your life, creating success on your terms, feeling deeply fulfilled and being intentional about how you're living.

🙌 We ditch the 'shoulds' and expectations of society
🙌 We throw out the rulebook
🙌 We dare to dream... and we make those dreams a reality

We're f*cking excited to invite you into this world!

This isn't just about achieving goals...

This is about rediscovering yourself and reimagining your future from a place of wonder and awe so you can take the actions and feel supported while you redesign your life.

This is about mastering your mind so you can rebuild your confidence and courage to follow through on your hopes and dreams.

Inside BIG LIFE ROADMAP... we'll walk you through our simple step-by-step processes that will enable you to jump into the driver's seat of your life and bring the joy and fulfillment back into your present and future.

The version of yourself that you desire to be is ONE decision away. You just have to start taking the actions to become them.

No more feeling lost, unfulfilled and living on autopilot.

This is YOUR time to 
finally create YOUR BIG LIFE so you can:

🚀 spend more time with your friends and family, more time exploring your passions and more time enjoying adventures, experiences and travel

🚀 turn those daydreams you've been having for years into a reality - writing the book, starting the business, traveling the world, living off-grid, buying the camper van, creating your art, applying for the dream job

🚀 stop giving an F about what others think and stop letting fear, doubt and judgement hold you back from being unapologetically you and living life EXACTLY the way you have come to realise that you desire

Get ready for an epic journey of self-discovery and transformation.






  • Get clear on what you want in work and life through the power of DREAMING BIG and CREATE A UNIQUE VISION that becomes the north star for your life
  • Learn how to craft your vision in a way that works WITH your mind so you are driven and motivated to turn it into a reality


  • Discover your values so you can prioritise what matters most to you and determine what is a HELL YES and a F*CK NO in your life
  • Learn how to live in alignment with your values so you can experience more fulfillment NOW and in the future and feel unapologetic about holding boundaries



  • Get your mind onboard for achieving your vision so you can break-free from old patterns and bad habits that keep you self-sabotaging
  • Learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind through our signature framework so you can achieve your goals faster and easier and to ensure long-lasting change


  • Uncover the negative patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back and rewrite them so you can breakthrough your fears and doubts
  • Create a resilient and unstoppable mindset that empowers you with the confidence, courage and self-belief to turn your vision into a reality



  • Learn how to create and step into the ideal version of you who confidently and courageously creates the life they want
  • Create a blueprint of who you need to BE to achieve your vision with more ease. It's time to start becoming them


  • Develop the traits necessary to support the next level version of you
  • Understand how to work with your mind to stick to what you say and establish better habits in your life and build more self-trust



  • Learn how to step into the driver's seat of your life and take consistent action towards your vision
  • Stop letting external circumstances dictate your thoughts and actions and take your power back!


  • Design a unique roadmap towards your vision so you have a concrete plan to turn your dreams into reality
  • Learn a repeatable 90 day process so you can continue the momentum of creating your Big Life long after the program is over

These transformational phases have enabled our students to...

start businesses, land dream jobs, improve their relationships, create better boundaries, rediscover their hobbies, create inner peace, start travelling more, share their gifts with the world, improve their habits and generally fall in love with themselves and their life again


Working with your subconscious mind allows you to create change fast. You'll receive 2 simple but transformative audios to help you reprogram your subconscious mind so you can create your vision faster and easier.


Managing your mindset is essential if you want to succeed in transforming your life. 8 powerful mini-mindset sessions that will help you build mental resilience to accelerate your results.


Printable 90-day action planner to get you focused and taking action on your vision. This planner can be used again and again as your vision evolves and grows.


Transform your relationship with money and create an abundance mindset with this in depth masterclass and hypnosis audio.


10 mindset practices that will help you create more inner peace, happiness and emotional resilience.


Learn how to train your brain to break bad habits and create good ones in this masterclass without having to rely on willpower and determination.


Learn the simple steps to improve your confidence⁣ so you can go beyond your comfort zone in order to live your biggest and best life.


Secure your spot for $1111 $888

(payment plan available)

Transformational Group Program

In the program you will be guided through:

  • Creating an exciting vision for your life
  • Discovering your values & how to live by them
  • Upgrading your mindset to achieve goals faster
  • Building confidence & courage to make changes
  • Stepping into the ideal version of yourself
  • Designing your unique roadmap to your Big Life
  • 8 weeks of support in our private community


I was at a crossroads in my career and needed direction and guidance. I went from having a million ideas and no clarity to opening an art studio for kids in just 8 weeks.

DREAMING BIG and creating a vision for my life in Week 1 set the wheels in motion for starting the next phase of my life. The things I needed to start my business started to show up in my life.

I got braver and more confident to keep taking steps - and the doubting voices that were in my head were suddenly further away.

This program is an investment in you AND your future. You will reap rewards in ways you can't even imagine as long as you show up and do the work.

Invest the time. Invest in yourself - you matter.

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP has given me a framework to understand who I am, who I want to be, what I want in life and how to get it"

- Jessica

BIG LIFE ROADMAP is what I didn’t know I needed and it has come at a pivotal moment in my life. It’s amazing that we have uncovered so much in just a few weeks.

I now have the tools and roadmap to know how to take the next step. Without your guidance I wouldn’t have known where to start. Every session was so insightful. I loved it all!

How we guide and support you in creating your BIG LIFE:

  • 8 TRANSFORMATIONAL MASTERCLASSES: Over 8 self-guided masterclasses (60-90 minutes) we walk you through our simple transformational frameworks to rediscover who you are, reprogram your mind & redesign your life

  • 4 LIVE GROUP COACHING CALLS: Get direct coaching and support from us live on our fortnightly group calls as you work through the program

  • 8 WEEKS SUPPORT IN OUR PRIVATE COMMUNITY: 8 weeks of accountability, help and support inside our private FB group where you can get questions answered, share your wins and breakthroughs and connect with others on the same journey as you

  • 8 MINDSET TRAININGS: Weekly mindset trainings to help you build resilience and accelerate your results 

  • WEEKLY EXPEDITIONS: Actionable steps to take after each masterclass so you can deepen your transformation each week

  • BONUSES: Powerful audios to reprogram your subconscious mind so you can achieve goals faster and easier and in depth masterclasses to support your journey

  • LIFETIME ACCESS: All masterclasses & materials are stored on our online portal which you have lifetime access to so you can continue the momentum after the program ends




"I took major steps towards my goals, witnessed small miracles coming true almost daily and felt a huge push of momentum forward with creating my dream life!"

- Melissa

I’m so glad I invested in myself for the first time ever with Cathy and Joe, as I know it was the next step I needed to take in my life!

I have renovated my vintage camper to create passive income and I'm training to be a business coach/consultant, which I never would have done if I hadn’t found BIG LIFE ROADMAP.

Take this leap of faith and invest in yourself. Give yourself the gift of learning who you really are, what you really want and the steps you need to take to create your own reality!"

"I'm excited to be building a new business that I am passionate about and can’t wait to see my vision coming to life."

- Debbie

This was hands down the best thing I could have done at this time. Before the Roadmap I was in a very bad place and my mind was not letting me rest, but at the same time I couldn’t move forward.

I nearly talked myself out of joining due to the investment required and not having a stable job but I can honestly say that what I thought was a gamble at the time is a sure bet for anyone's future.

What you learn in this program can be implemented in all facets of life and I have seen changes in every part of my life. I now have the tools to adjust, change and continue developing when life requires me to grow.

"I took the leap, quit my job and am ready to take some months to continue to work on myself and continue to build and achieve my vision and sharing my art with the world."

- Valentina

My life is one before and after this program. I was feeling stuck with not knowing how to take a leap towards working on my personal and professional aspects that make me feel passionate and alive.

For anyone who is questioning about taking this journey: Don’t second guess yourself. Joining this program is a decision you won’t regret.

This is a space that will allow you to work on yourself, to question yourself and celebrate every small step you make towards reaching the life you want. Thank you Cathy and Joe for providing us with meaningful tools to start figuring it out. 

"I’ve built a whole new awareness about my life and shaped a new more intentional path forward.

The tools in the program helped me begin to make peace with my past, accept where I am in life and learn more about who I am and what makes me happy."

- Elisabeth

I was feeling unsure about where I was in my life and needed help taking stock. BIG LIFE ROADMAP helped me create space for myself and upgraded my capacity to live my life to the fullest.

I'm whole-heartedly excited about my personal growth, renovating my home, travel and holidays with my family, being the best mum I can be, building a lucrative holiday let business, enjoying and being open to the possibilities, connections and experiences that my new dream job (that I landed during this program) will bring, building and maintaining great health, playing the piano and experiencing healthy relationships

I'm full of gratitude to Cathy and Joe for creating this program. Their enthusiasm, compassion and knowledge is inspiring. On the fence? Do it!

"Doors have opened up for me since starting BIG LIFE ROADMAP and now I’m willing and ready to walk through them"

- Salinda

This program was an amazing eye opener for me. I had been living my life in my safe bubble not even understanding why I was in there.

This program has helped me re-evaluate my values, beliefs and passion to enable me to live my biggest and best life. Thank you Cathy and Joe for the guidance and teaching me to ask the “right questions”.

"You have the potential to transform your life into something great and magical! That’s exactly what BIG LIFE ROADMAP helps you do."

- Matt

Joe & Cathy are masters of self-development. Through their support and guidance, you are forced to take stock of everything that does and doesn’t matter in your life.

If you’re feeling lost and confused, it’s because you don’t have a roadmap. You'll walk away with an ideal version of who you want to become and where you want to go with your life.

"I wrote my own manual to take back the wheel of my life"

- Tom

A fantastic experience!! It is unbelievable how I got to know myself in just a few weeks. For me it is really becoming aware of who I am and what I do.

Thank you soooo much Cathy & Joe.

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP got me unstuck and I feel fully equipped with the tools to take on the next 12 months!"

This program forced me to take the time to slow down and figure out the direction I would like to follow to become happy and fulfilled again.

I feel back on track with a plan and purpose in life thanks to the very useful techniques Cathy & Joe took us through on this program.

- Adrienne

"You will thank yourself again and again for making the time and space to reconnect with yourself"

I now seek solutions and resources from an inner starting point instead of something that exists outside. That alone has brought an abundance of peace to my life 🙏

I am now fully committed to making my art and creativity a full-time position in my life. It's pretty radical!!

- Amanda

"For the first time since the pandemic I feel like I have a clear idea of my future thanks to BIG LIFE ROADMAP"

I was overwhelmed and worried of making the wrong choice that I was paralyzed and couldn’t make a decision to move forward.

This program got me to ask the right questions so I could figure out and pinpoint what direction to follow next.

- Kelly

"Gaining clarity on my vision was helpful in taking massive action towards my goal"

I changed my belief of not being good enough which has kept me on track and taking responsibility over my actions.

- Allen

"Making decisions based on my vision is a really powerful tool which I gained from the program"

I am now much more prepared to live my truth, fight for what I want and let go of stuff that doesn't matter.

- Pia

"I found identifying my values such an empowering process."

It's made me re-evaluate how I make choices and let go of the guilt I used to feel about saying 'no' to things. I know I will return to these strategies again and again.

- Helen

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP helped me create a clear vision of the life I want to live."

I now have the tools to understand my limiting beliefs and the ability to feel comfortable out of my comfort zone"

- Martin

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP made me look harder and deeper at myself than I have in many years"

I love that I have a reference to turn back to so that I can make this an evolving process in my life rather than a one time event.

- Kelly

"I have made some extremely important decisions & plans which will be crucial for me to achieve some long life dreams of mine."

I will be forever grateful for BIG LIFE ROADMAP.

.- Ana

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP helped me get focused on my vision while taking the necessary steps forward to achieve my goals.

I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to move towards living your most fulfilling life.

- Benjahman

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP enabled the determination behind my dreams"

Thanks to Cathy and Joe for giving me the confidence to go after what ultimately makes me happy, instead of getting in my own way.

- Jules

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP has been a deep and vast work on myself and on my life, bigger than what I have thought possible"

It challenged me and I have learned to become more focused and motivated so I can create a life I love.

- Jacinthe

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP helped me define my values and purpose. Two weeks in and I could feel a change"

I now have a vision, goals and motivation well defined and was able to begin working towards my goal immediately.

- Susan

"I joined BIG LIFE ROADMAP for one reason. I want a BIG LIFE AND I now have a firm picture of where I want to get to and am now putting in the steps to get there. 

Highly recommend for anyone who is lost and needs some help getting themselves on their path.

- Carly

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP made me consider those things in my life that are holding me back"

The goal setting, values and changing limiting beliefs sessions were just what I needed in my life right now. Thank you for an amazing program.

- Liz

"Each stage builds upon the previous ones to lead effortlessly to real and sometimes surprising conclusions"

I recommend this to anyone looking for an insight into how they ended up where they are and how they can choose the path forward.

- Jill

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP was so insightful and enlightening!"

Despite experiencing some deep moments of discomfort through self reflection, I've learned that change can only really happen when you're prepared to answer the right questions honestly.

- Jen

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP is a great program for anyone who isn’t sure who they “are” and needs help to move in the "right" direction."

I loved going through this process and am so grateful to use what I learned to move forward after a time of upheaval and change in my life. Thank you both for everything!

- Lauren

As I took this journey and got a much better understanding of what was going on in my own life and began to understand myself a lot more.

I have lost who I was over the years and set my hopes and dreams aside to please everyone else and what they wanted.

I decided to take this journey to find me again and get my self back focused on me and what I wanted.

- Christal

I gained clarity on the vision I want for my life.

Joe and Cathy have a calm ,positive and high vibe and have designed a beautiful program which has helped me uncover a lot of answers in my personal transformation journey.

- Dipannita

BIG LIFE ROADMAP helped me learn a lot about myself, where I am in my life and where I want to go next to fulfil my goals.

This has been a really great program to have been involved in. The structure of the training and information given was really well delivered.

I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to better their life and achieve their goals.

- Jake

BIG LIFE ROADMAP helped me narrow down some key things I needed to do to live my biggest life. Thank you!!

Even though you might think there is nothing left to learn about "building a bigger life" the masterclasses and workbooks made me think outside the box when it comes to what I want and what I think is important.

One thing I did during this program is to quit drinking... and wow I have been sober now for 20 days and I am so proud of myself!

- Becca

BIG LIFE ROADMAP really helped me define what I want to accomplish by breaking everything down into smaller pieces.

This program helped me decide to pursue becoming a Life Coach and I have now enrolled in a class and working towards getting certified.

I want to offer coaching to girls, teens and women so I can help them through those difficult times where we feel awkward, unappealing and unhappy with our bodies.

- Stephanie

I learned more in Week 1 than any other program I've done.

I have a roadmap, it’s my BIG LIFE ROADMAP. I know where all the gas stations are, I have a spare tire, I got the oil changed. I’m good to go on this road trip.

There’s nothing in the way. Cathy and Joe have given me the tools to take this trip. It’s a once in a lifetime, my lifetime and I’m ready for my BIG LIFE.

- Jenifer

"This program isn't some quick fix or fad like so many people are looking for. It's the blueprint for achieving your life goals and dreams"

Joe and Cathy have given me so many helpful tools to stay attuned to achieving what I want out of life. If you are ready for some positive change, then I strongly recommend BIG LIFE ROADMAP. 

- Sam

"I gained a lot of clarity on my vision and more self-awareness through the exploration of my values"

I changed my perception of the future and can visualise what my life could be like in the next years and what I have to change or pay attention to if I want it to happen.

- Francois

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP is phenomenal!"

It distils down personal transformation into such easily digestible and incrementally practicable steps that inspire change on the deepest level. I am so grateful for coming across this!

- Muhammad

Hey, we're Cathy & Joe :)

Life Transformation Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads

We know we can help you go from lost and unfulfilled to confident and excited about your life because we've been where you are and we know what it really takes to create lasting change.

Not long ago we were burnt out, hating our jobs, living on auto-pilot and clueless about who we were and what we wanted to do with our lives. We were living a life expected of us rather than one that lit us up and our minds were a mess.

We dove deep into inner work to reconnect with who we are, cultivate inner peace, quit our corporate jobs, retrain in our passions and create life on our terms

We're now Transformation Coaches trained in NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy, Meditation, Yoga and more. 

Our mission is to help you experience more purpose, meaning and fulfillment in your work and life by getting clear on what a BIG LIFE means to YOU and give you the confidence to go out and grab it with both hands.


60 Days to put


“This is our commitment to you. We want there to be NO RISK whatsoever when you decide to enrol to join the community!”


*Please see Terms and Conditions for details.

We are putting 100% of the RISK on us!

You have EXACTLY 60 Days from the start date of the program to put the Big Life Roadmap to the test!

We can do that because we believe in our training THAT MUCH! We are willing to wait patiently while you take action on everything that awaits you inside the program!

If at the end of the 8 week coaching container you are not satisfied that you have transformed your life in any way, simply email before the 60 Days is up to get your complete and FULL REFUND. All we ask is that you show us that you’ve done the work!

Why Do We Ask That You Show Us the Work?

You won’t get results if you don’t take action. We can’t help you if you don’t do the work. We don’t want to waste any of our time with someone who is purchasing a program without putting it to use.


When does the program start?

The next round of BIG LIFE ROADMAP starts Monday 5th September and runs for 8 weeks.

What makes the students of BIG LIFE ROADMAP so successful?

Simple. They show up and do the work. And with our guidance they unlock all the answers they have inside themselves.

When are the sessions and how much time do I need to invest?

Each week you get access to a new masterclass that is 60-90 minutes long and can be watched at a time convenient to you. You'll also have a self-discovery workbook to complete and simple action steps to implement.

There's a weekly mindset trainings which is 10-20 minute long to build resilience and accelerate your results. This can also be watched any time - many students have been known to experience big shifts by watching these alone!

We host a fortnightly live group coaching call. Times vary to accommodate different timezones. We announce the days and times at the start of each month. These are approx 60-90 minutes long.

To allow time to watch all the masterclasses, implement and integrate the teachings and take action on what we guide you through, you need to prioritise about 2-3 hours a week.

Is there any support if I get stuck?

For sure! You will have 8 weeks access to us via the Private Facebook group where you are able to reach out anytime and ask as many questions as you like. We are in the Facebook group Monday - Friday.

You also have the opportunity to ask questions and get direct coaching from us in the fortnightly live coaching call.

If you can't join the coaching calls live, all good. You can still submit your questions, get them answered by us and watch the replay in your own time.

How long do I have access to the program?

You have lifetime access to the trainings and program materials in our online learning portal.

You'll have access to the Private Facebook group and our support for 8 weeks while you go through the program.

BIG LIFE ROADMAP is the pathway to designing your ideal life
actually making it a reality.

You will become excited for your present and future again, gain confidence,

rediscover your dreams, reconnect with who you are and understand

how to work WITH your mind to create the changes you want.

You ready to jump in?