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Reconnecting with who you are is the most effective way to create a life you love


Unpack who you are and what you actually want in life so you are clear about the direction you want to head in


Upgrade your mindset, beliefs & identity by reprogramming your subconscious mind so nothing holds you back


Create your vision & a roadmap towards it. Build your confidence so you can take massive action & unleash your potential


"The Big Life Roadmap is what I didn’t know I needed and it has come at a pivotal moment in my life. It’s given me a framework for trying to understand who I am, who I want to be, what I want in life & how to get it."

- Jessica

"If you’re feeling lost and confused, it’s because you don’t have a roadmap. That’s exactly what Joe and Cathy help you develop in this program, and they won’t stop until you have a viable way forward."

- Matthew

"The Big Life Roadmap was an amazing eye opener for me. Doors have opened up for me since starting the program and now I’m willing and ready to walk through them."

- Salinda

"Cathy and Joe are world class and my kinda people. They are both vulnerable and humble along with leadership to move anyone in the right direction. Can’t thank them enough for getting my vision off the ground!"

- Katy

"I would highly recommend working with Joe and Cathy, they have helped me start taking responsibility over my actions and work towards my goal."

- Allen

"I have made some extremely important decisions and plans which will be crucial for me to achieve some long life dreams of mine. I am certain that without their guidance and help, I would not have got anywhere near to doing it."

- Ana

"BLR is a great program for anyone who isn’t sure who they “are” or is looking for a nudge in the “right” direction.The key is that the answers are all within you! I am so grateful for this experience. I loved going through this process, meeting new people, and, most importantly, meeting myself again."

- Lauren

"In the process of reinventing myself but lacking a clear sense of direction, the Big Life Roadmap has provided me with the tools to understand my limiting beliefs, learn to feel comfortable out of my comfort zone and help me focus on creating a clear and attainable vision of the life I want to live."

- Martin

"I was overwhelmed and worried of making the wrong choice that I was paralyzed and couldn’t make a decision to move forward. The Big Life Roadmap helped me pinpoint what direction to follow next. For the first time since the pandemic I feel like I have a clear idea of my future thanks to this course."

- Kelly

"A fantastic experience!! It’s as if I wrote my own manual to take back the wheel of my life. It is unbelievable how I got to know myself in just a few weeks"

- Tom